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German Engineered Premium Cosmetic Products

Based in Aachen Germany and founded in 2000, inspira: cosmetics produces and markets high-quality, contemporary, professional skin care and sold worldwide. The development of outstanding and highly effective products with excellent compatibility is the top priority for inspira: cosmetics. The products visibly improve the appearance of the skin and lets the user look and feel the best irrespective of age. inspira: cosmetics offers cosmetic studios, spas, medical spas, and dermatological practices relevant professional product concepts for skin care as well as tailor-made treatment products for professional use in the cabin. The range is developed according to the latest scientific findings and manufactured to the highest quality according to the latest findings and trends in cosmetics. Natural and biotechnologically produced ingredients and active substances are preferred in the selection of raw materials. Our motto is: maximum effect, and as natural as possible.

Cosmetic products for consumers, retailers, and distributors worldwide

Inspira: cosmetics offers solutions for all relevant skin issues and also has a wide range of specialities such as ampoules, serums, peel-off masks and special products for professional pre- and post-treatment in medical procedures such as dermabrasion, laser therapy, IPL treatments, cosmetic plastic surgery and much more.

The good news is you absolutely can!

With inspira: med, you have a gentle alternative to plastic surgery.  It is a holistic method created to help the skin regain its smooth, youthful appearance quickly and maintain an even, radiant complexion.

inspira: med treatments rely on an unfailing duo. The secret to its success is its perfect combination of treatment sessions at a medical spa and subsequent at home care products specially developed to achieve targeted results. 

The synergy of medicine and cosmetics

inspira: med is a holistic method that consists of just three steps. In step one, the skin’s surface is gently removed using fruit acid products to free the skin of its grey, dull complexion. Our signature chemical peels help to reverse the visible signs of skin damage in two ways. Firstly, it eliminates dull and dead cells leading to luminous complexion while countering the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and blemishes. Secondly, it supports collagen production resulting into firmer and more resilient-looking skin. In step two, regeneration processes in the skin at cellular level are triggered, and in step three, tailored products that protect the regenerated skin keep it looking young for longer are utilized. As a result of this three-step regimen, the skin’s youthful glow is restored, the complexion is refined.