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Night cream with fruit acids to speed up cell renewal. 

Restorative Cream is a treatment cream with concentrated natural fruit acids with a relatively low lipid content. The skin normally renews itself every 4 weeks by means of a natural peeling process. As we age, this process becomes increasingly slow. This cream supports shedding the skin's loose, dull and dead skin cells, making the skin appear more fresh, youthful and radiant.

Improves the skin structure with fruit acids
Reduces wrinkles and scars
Refines the skin pores and clarifies complexion
Moisture-retaining formulation
Inhibits the formation of new blemishes

For all skin types, especially thick skin with pigmentation resulting from post acne scarring and mature skin.

Use as a night cream after cleansing. Apply on face, neck and décolleté.

For external use only.

AHA: Consisting of glycolic acid (sugar cane), malic, citric, tartaric acid; these remove dead cells (keratolytic effect), increase the cell renewal rate and improve the skin structure. Old, superfluous dead skin cells are dissolved and removed while new cells come to the surface for a brighter complexion.

SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE: Sustainably improves the skin’s moisture retention capacity, as this combination of various sugar compounds binds firmly to the surface of the skin and is not rinsed off during washing. It prevents moisture loss – even under dry environmental conditions.

SQUALANE: Obtained from plant-based olive oil, similar to the skin’s natural lipid; is easily absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy; prevents dehydration (moisture loss); skin-smoothing

α-BISABOLOL: Obtained from chamomile oil; a proven ingredient for soothing the skin

aqua [water], butylene glycol, octyldodecanol, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, cetearyl alcohol, titanium dioxide (nano), steareth-2, squalane, pentylene glycol, glycolic acid, steareth-21, saccharide isomerate, aluminum hydroxide, xanthan gum, bisabolol, dimethicone, malic acid, tartaric acid, tricontanyl PVP, stearic acid, disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, sodium citrate, parfum [fragrance]